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How to Make Money from Blog

How to make money with bloggin
Hello, readers, you came to this page to learn my suggestions — How to make money with blogging. Blogging is a website where you can share your experience and ideas through the written articles. For an example, have a look at my blog and I use the blog to earn money online without investment and
is all about it. Here I am going to share my own experience to make money online from the computer.

We can earn some money from our blog in many ways such as selling advertising spaces,  Promoting Affiliate products, selling CDs, E-Books and other stuff related to electronic products, etc. But those methods will work only if we have our own website or blog and also a decent quantity of visitors visiting our blog regularly.

Making money with blogging needs a carefully thought out topic. If you have an existing blog with a little audience, be honest when allowing for whether the topic has a broad plea that isn't already enclosed by other established bloggers. If it does, then great! Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with starting another blog that will be more successful in attracting the audience, marketing itself, and making money through a variety of methods which described below.

Choose your theme/purpose of blogging

If you decided to go for online jobs while staying at home, then making money through blogging is the best way you need to optimize for. Choose the best topic that has a broad exposure and that wasn't already covered by other established bloggers as well. In such cases, you will be more successful in attracting visitors, marketing itself, and earning money through a variety of methods. Choosing a topic for your blog is a little tough task, but most successful blogs are those who does for a hobby, entertainment, fun, showing their career or some specific and diverse knowledge.

Write unique and valuable content or information

 Write down each topic that you are knowledgeable or passionate about. You'll have a much easier time making money with a blog you are interested in, rather than trying to write content you don't like - because you think it will make money. Some examples are hobbies that you enjoy, your career, or some specific and diverse knowledge that you have. 

Once you decided a suitable niche topic for your blog, it’s time to write down the articles based on the topic you have chosen. Choose a specific niche - not a broad topic. It is always better to write sub-topic related articles rather than broad topic, which will help to attract more visitors.

Write down your own thoughts and experience, with more informative posts and articles on the topic selected. If you target to make money, then you need visitors to your blog. If you need visitors, you need valuable contents to visit and read.

Search for the blog that covers similar topics 

Use a search engine and the search bar on blog hosting sites to find a website that covers your topic or a related topic as well. Read a few blog posts from the most popular website or blog that show up high on the search ranking, have the most comments, or display a readership of 10,000 or more. 

Get an idea of how much attention and competition there is. If you can't find any popular blogs associated with your topic, you perhaps went too niche. People interested in a topic will frequently visit numerous related blogs, and every blogger can link to the other to get more traffic to each site.

If you find a popular blog that actually covers your topic, you need to get realize that it will be hard to compete with them. Try to squeeze your topic to a slightly different but related subject, so that you complement the popular blogs instead of trying to overhaul them.

Write original and rich content

Come up with your own topics for each post, and write the post yourself instead of modification or copy-pasting someone else's work. Readers will come to your site if they enjoy your writing and your chosen topic, not to read rehashed content which they can find elsewhere easily. You can gain visitors by posting content that wasn't available online before.

Use keyword in your content

Keywords are the important words that relate your topic of your website or blog. Choose related keywords for all your post which will increase your blog visibility in the Search engines and attract more visitors. Use Google Keyword Research Tool to obtain a guide to choosing your keywords astutely for your articles. Include keywords in Meta tags, headings, in line paragraphs; remember it, never overuse the keyword, otherwise, it may cause keyword stuffing. 

Market your blog & monetize

At the same time you are creating valuable content, start building relationships with others on social media and around the worldwide internet.
Use Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, etc. sites to show that you are available. People won’t commonly find you if you don’t put yourself out there and so, use such resources genuinely and effectively.

Set your blogging platform

So, you decided a niche for your blog and had written some articles based on the topic or niche you selected. Now, it is time to setting up of your blog. The first thing that may be comeing to your mind while setting up a blog is getting a good domain name and consistent web hosting solutions. Try to create a free blog using WordPress or Google Blogger.

There are lots of free services that providing free domain (for example .tk). But problem is that they may discontinue your blog at any time. So, my best advice is to go for Paid domain and hosting services such as Host gator, Godaddy, blue host etc.

        Choose an easy to remember, short, keyword, top level domain for your blog and then monetizing your blog.

Monetizing your blog to make money

Earn with Google Ad Sense
Do you have the interest to earn from your website while you sleeping? - Yes! You Can! Monetize your site by focusing on niche related your site content. Yes! Google Adsense is the best way to earn money from your blog.
Google earns most of its revenue by allowing other publishers or advertisers to advertise their products /promotional ad on their search pages. In turn, Google gets paid for the work they were done. Now, Google allows their users to share some percentage of these earnings from Adwords by displaying those ads on your blogs or web pages. This online job is more beneficial and can surely help you to earn handsome money.

How does Adsense work?

If you have your own blog you can able to display Google ads on your pages either as a cost-per-click (CPC) or a cost-per-1000-impressions (CPM) ads, while ad-sense for search results pages show exclusively CPC ads. When a visitor park on your page and click an ad on your page, you will get a certain amount pay (from $0.001 to $1 and more) by Google for the work you did for them.

How much money you can make?

The commission you earn from Google ad-sense depends on your site visitors and number of unique clicks through your pages. It may vary from two cents to about $10 per click. One way to earn more from Google ad-sense is to create competitive keywords which help you to drive more traffic to your site.

The earnings you get mostly depend on the placement of your ads, targeted traffic you receive to your blog site, and of course the amount per click you receive.
Content is most important thing to your web page. The quality of your content is the most important thing that impacts on your revenue. If your site serves quality contents and competing keywords which help Google crawlers easily to find and outfit your concept surely you can have more concerned users to visit your site often and in turn increase your Ad-sense earning.

How to start earning money?

Once you created your blog, then go to and sign up and start showing ads on your blog page. It is free to join and getting started is quick and so easy.

     After you became a member of Google Ad-sense, log in and complete your web profile. Then, create your ad code and implement in your pages then sit over and see your earnings. You can view your earnings at any time by simply logging into your account. Also, you can able to see the total number of page and ad unit impressions, click through rate, ad clicks, effective CPM, and your total earnings etc.

How to create a site for Ad-sense?

Before creating your site for Google Ad-sense you must have the relevant topic to gather the most searching topic of the era. You must have the good knowledge on the topic you deal with.
          Monetizing the blog is the whole thing that about money making which puts your effort including producing quality contents and attracting visitors, in turn, earning from those high potential visitors into money making platform.
          For successful blogging, you require a strong based on your niche that you choose for your blog, and must know about updated marketing techniques and moreover you need to invest at the beginning.
        Even though, don't think the more pages on your site increases your Ad-sense revenue. Because more content with lesser pages drives more visitors than the less content with many pages.

How to link with Ad-sense?

Simply, when you finish building your site with rich 20-30Page content then go to Google Adsense site.
        »Wait for a day or two three, once you receive a confirmation mail from Google Adsense, login to your account.
        »Select relevant ads, and get the HTML code.
        »Paste the codes in your blog site and just sit over, and see your earning raises.

I hope this information is helpful for you. If like this post, then please comment on this post and subscribe my blog to get more update information regularly. Thank you for reading!

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